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One in Five American Adults Experience Chronic Pain

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on June 08, 2021

New data from the National Health Interview Survey found that 50.2 million U.S. adults reported pain on most days or every day, limiting daily functioning and productivity. Keep reading to learn how researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital used this data to uncover the negative impact on today's workforce along with how important it is that providers study chronic pain from a multidisciplinary lens.

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A peek behind the curtain at provider enrollment at AllWays Health Partners

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on June 03, 2021

Do you know a provider that's interested in switching to AllWays Health Partners? No matter their level of interest, it's good to see how a new provider can turn their interest into a contract. To learn more, we talked with Melissa Hinckley and Charles Murphy of our Provider Network team to break down each step to give providers more sightline into the entire process.

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Take a look behind the scenes of claim processing

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on May 27, 2021

So, you’ve filed a claim—but then what? Where does it go and what happens next?  Insurance companies don’t always share what happens behind the scenes, so in the spirit of transparency we're re-sharing this information for anyone that needs a refresher. Below, we walk you through each step at how the average claim gets processed.

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Part 2 of 2: How to speed up prior authorization determinations

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on May 06, 2021

Last week, Dr. Lisa M. Scarfo, MD—Pediatrician and Medical Director at AllWays Health Partners, talked with us about bridging the gap between doctors and health insurance providers regarding the medical necessity process. She continues the conversation with how medical necessity can speed up prior authorization determinations. If you missed the first part, click here.

Otherwise, you can read part 2 of the two-part series below to learn about common misconceptions and some tips providers can benefit from and start using today.

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Mental health guidance from the World Health Organization

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on April 22, 2021

Your patients and your colleagues may be struggling with feelings of fear and anxiety—and you too. The World Health Organization (WHO) has some guidelines to help.

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