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Rainbow unicorns & other reasons to check out our fall ad campaign

Posted by Steve Wong on September 24, 2019

Last week, we shared news about one of our new benefits for 2020: many plans will offer $0 copays for the first three pediatric sick visits with an in-network provider. You may have been aware of this benefit already because it's featured in our new advertising campaign. 

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Identifying depression in the primary care setting

Posted by Steve Wong on September 05, 2019

Depression is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15 to 44.3. The impact of depression on physical health can include chronic pain, increased risk of heart disease, exacerbation of chronic conditions, and insomnia.  

Primary care providers (PCPs) are often the first to recognize the signs of depression. In order to confirm or rule out a diagnosis, PCPs should use the PHQ-9 screening tool. For more information regarding the PHQ-9 and to obtain the screening tool in additional languages, please refer to PHQ screener website.

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UPDATE: Universal provider directory tool

Posted by Steve Wong on August 13, 2019

HealthCare Administrative Solutions, Inc. (HCAS) is a non-profit organization founded by several Massachusetts health plans, including AllWays Health Partners. Our goal is to simplify certain administrative tasks, and our first major initiative is a universal provider directory tool. 

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Here's how you can save time with electronic claims

Posted by Steve Wong on July 09, 2019

Electronic Claims Submissions
Sending claims information from your practice management system directly to every health insurance company in the nation using a the HIPAA mandated format.

Elimination of manual processing, reduction of data errors and acknowledgement of the receiving payor within minutes of submitting the file.

Sound good? These are just some of the benefits of electronic claims submissions.

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Network and membership updates for July 1

Posted by Steve Wong on June 20, 2019

July is a busy time of year, and many of your patients may be switching health plans soon.

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