Stephanie Tyburski | June 04, 2019

AI, or artificial intelligence, is revolutionizing industries from HR recruiting to customer service. And while, AI is hotter than ever, Partners HealthCare has been following its impact on our industry for years. 

Recently, Partners HealthCare announced its 5th annual “Disruptive Dozen” list. The list identifies 12 emerging AI technologies that have the most game-changing potential for health care in the next year (and beyond). 

In 2019, the list includes AI technology for mental health treatment, exchanging health information among providers, and medical imaging. It also includes technology — such as  speech recognition — that can help reduce costs and administrative burden for providers. 
Read Partners HealthCare ’s blog post to see what's in store for the future of health care. 

Topics: Innovations, Market intelligence, Partners HealthCare


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