Kristin Wissler | July 02, 2020

The support of our recovery coaches is more valuable than ever right now, as COVID-19 is keeping people inside and physically separated from their support groups, loved ones, and others they normally reach out to for help. If your patients are in recovery or looking to get started, consider pointing them towards our peer recovery coaches.

AllWays Health Partners was one of the first health plans in the country to have peer recovery coaches on staff, and our coaches continue to support patients through the process of recovering from substance use disorders (SUDs).

What do peer recovery coaches do?

About a year ago, we introduced you to our peer recovery coaches, Barry Shelton, CARC, CPS and Chris Bonsall, CARC. They have over 20 years of experience with the complex issues involved in recovery, working with patients to help them find their strengths and skills. 

They understand the stigma that SUDs carry, and act as guides, mentors, and advocates to recovering patients with no judgement. With their help, patients can explore different pathways to recovery, set attainable goals, develop healthy habits, and connect with other supports like community resources and peer recovery centers.


Although our peer recovery coaches are currently unable to meet with patients face to face due to the pandemic, they are still meeting with patients virtually and over the phone. If any of your patients are in recovery, struggling with recovery, or looking to enter their recovery process, our peer recovery coaches can help.

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How to connect patients with our recovery coaches

COVID-19 can be particularly hard on people recovering from SUDs. People with SUDs are normally encouraged to reach out to others and spend time with peers, whether that means attending self-help groups or hanging out with friends and family. If any of your patients are trying to recover from an SUD, we have some resources you can look at and share with your patients.

If you have more questions about our peer recovery coaches or want to submit a referral, you can contact Barry and Chris at

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