Mental health guidance from the World Health Organization

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on April 22, 2021

Your patients and your colleagues may be struggling with feelings of fear and anxiety—and you too. The World Health Organization (WHO) has some guidelines to help.

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Vaccine hesitancy continues after the first dose—so here’s what providers can do to make sure patients get their second dose

Posted by Alyssa Malmquist on April 20, 2021

As more COVID-vaccines are administered, some patients are experiencing vaccine hesitancy when getting their second shot—if they received either Pfizer or Moderna. Whether their concerns are motivated by side effects, access to their second appointment, or fear of missing work—patients must know how the importance of receiving their second or “booster” dose is to efficacy.

Read more for common questions, concerns, responses, and supporting information you can leverage during these types of conversations with patients.

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Pregnant and lactating women show robust immune response to COVID vaccines, pass antibodies to newborns

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on April 15, 2021
In a new study by Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard —researchers have found the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to be highly effective in producing antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in pregnant and lactating women. 
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Tips for encouraging patients to pre-register for a COVID-vaccine

Posted by Alyssa Malmquist on April 13, 2021

Massachusetts receives a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine doses from the federal government each week. Starting April 19, everyone 16+ is eligible to receive the vaccine in Massachusetts. But, it may take several weeks to get an appointment. The best way for your patients to decrease a potential waiting time is to pre-register for the vaccine at one of the Mass vaccination sites. Read on for tips on how to encourage your patients to pre-register.

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Learn how the U.S. is taking on health inequities for POC during the vaccine rollout

Posted by Alyssa Malmquist on April 08, 2021

Research shows that people of color have been impacted disproportionately by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about what initiatives are in place nationwide and in the state of Massachusetts to combat this disproportion during the vaccine rollout.

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