5 tips for combating election stress

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on November 03, 2020

Election day is here, and over two-thirds of American adults say that the 2020 election is a significant source of stress on their life, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). The stress won't end when the polls close, votes are counted, and final results are tabulated. Here are 5 tips for reducing election stress.

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Insider News: New guidelines, telehealth research

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on October 29, 2020

Today's post is from our broker blog, AllWays Insider, about the latest in COVID-related news.

This week in Insider News, we're sharing Massachusetts' nursing home reforms, a telehealth study from J.D. Power, and research that shows the impact of COVID-19 on kindergarteners' reading ability.

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CASE STUDY: The history of AllWays on Teams

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on October 27, 2020

The medical landscape has changed drastically since the start of the pandemic, most notably with the rise in telehealth and virtual care. Our own telehealth platform, AllWays on Teams, was created out of this need. In light of Microsoft’s recently-published case study on AllWays on Teams, here’s a look back at the beginnings of our telehealth platform.

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Do state policies contribute to American life expectancy?

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on October 22, 2020

For the past few decades, the American life expectancy has been either stagnant or decreasing. While the average life expectancy of an American is 78.6 years across the country, it's higher in some states and lower in others. A study recently published in The Milbank Quarterly multidisciplinary journal shows what US state policies seem to lead to a longer life.

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Get your home office ready for fall with these tips

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on October 20, 2020

This winter, many people will be working from home for the first time. If that's true for you, you may not know how to keep your at-home workspace warm without spending a lot of money keeping the heat turned up. Here’s some tips on how to prepare your home office for fall.

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