Get started with telemedicine in as little as 48-hours

Posted by Provider Networks Team on February 09, 2021

Nearly one year ago at the start of the pandemic, AllWays developed a customized telehealth solution in partnership with Microsoft Teams to help providers continue to care for patients. The response from our network providers has been overwhelmingly positive, which aligns with trends we're seeing across the country.

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Here's what your patients said they're prioritizing in 2021

Posted by Provider Networks Team on February 04, 2021

With the start of a new year, we were curious about what members felt were the most critical areas to focus on in 2021. So, we surveyed members via our online community to see what they want to prioritize in the New Year.

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Tips for effective communication during Covid, even behind a mask

Posted by Alyssa Malmquist on February 02, 2021

Even without a pandemic, effective communication is critical throughout several industries and healthcare is no exception. As healthcare professionals and frontline workers accommodate to new protocols and modified safety measures, it can be challenging to communicate with patients in different ways.

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Answers to patients' top questions about the COVID-19 vaccine

Posted by Provider Networks Team on January 28, 2021

With the vaccine rollout underway, your patients are likely asking more vaccine-related questions. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most common questions in an easy-to-read FAQ .

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5 things your patients should know about cervical cancer

Posted by Alyssa Malmquist on January 26, 2021

During National Cervical Cancer Awareness month, January serves as a time to educate patients about cervical cancer, human papillomavirus (HPV), and the importance of screening even amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This month is an opportunity to remind patients to prioritize routine screenings that can detect cervical cancer early on and potentially save a life.

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