Don't fear failure: Amazon's philosophy of innovation & health care

Posted by Christine Murphy on August 01, 2019

Last July, I wrote about my experiences working in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom and what Amazon has to teach us about innovation

It's a year later, and Amazon is still on everybody's mind. Recently, CNBC published an article about what Peter Neupert, former CEO of, learned from Amazon's business practices when he shadowed Jeff Bezos. 

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Register today for the AHA executive forum with Dr. Tony Dodek

Posted by Stephanie Tyburski on June 25, 2019

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Dodek will participate in the the American Hospital Association (AHA) executive forum in Boston on July 11. The forum is part of a year-long series titled "Addressing Disruption Through Innovation and Value."

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REPORT: Customer satisfaction with health care

Posted by Steve Wong on December 11, 2018

Oliver Wyman released their annual consumer survey for health care, and the results may explain some inconsistencies in patient behavior. 

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Analysts predict ACA marketplace premiums will stabilize in 2019

Posted by Steve Wong on September 07, 2018 predicts the price of a 2019 policy sold on the ACA exchanges will increase less than 4%. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation says premiums overall are rising at about the same rates as medical inflation. That modest rise for insurance is a big change from the last few years when prices rose in the double digits.

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HMO or PPO? It’s a question of choice and flexibility.

Posted by Ese Omwanor on August 30, 2018

I frequently find myself in the patient waiting areas at doctor’s offices. It’s where I glean insight into topics I might need to speak to as a Provider Relations Manager. Most often I get questions about coverage and authorizations. But as we grow our commercial business, some folks want to make sure they understand the different products that we offer, since each product has its own rules. A good example is the difference between an HMO and a PPO plan.

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