Stay cool while you're staying — and working — at home

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on June 30, 2020

Summer is finally in full swing, bringing high temperatures and plenty of sun. Thanks to COVID-19, you're probably home more than usual during the hottest times of the day. This can mean working in the heat if you have no AC or rising utility bills if you're keeping cool all day. Here are some tips on how to stay cool in your home office.

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AllWays Health Partners’ Population Health Response to COVID-19

Posted by Ryan Lockridge on June 25, 2020

Massachusetts has been one of the states hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some ways that the AllWays Health Partners Population Health and Analytical teams have responded to assist our population. This includes developing specialized outreach programs and expanding or transforming existing services.

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AllWays Insider: Returning to get necessary health care

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on June 23, 2020

Today's post from our broker blog, AllWays Insider, discusses how fear of COVID-19 is keeping patients from getting necessary care. Knowing what your patients are nervous about and why can help you encourage them to get the care they need.

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Recipe roundup for diabetes, heart health and more

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on June 18, 2020

Eating healthy can be difficult, but some of your patients may have health conditions that necessitate a certain kind of diet. Your patients may be unsure of what kinds of food are best for them or what recipes they can try, especially if their condition has been recently diagnosed. Here are some resources you can share with your patients to help them find recipes for their health conditions.

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Is milk necessary for a healthy diet?

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on May 14, 2020

Once people began preparing to quarantine for COVID-19, they started “panic buying” staples like milk, making them harder to get. But is milk a necessity? The debate about whether or not milk is a crucial part of a balanced diet has swirled for years. Social distancing — plus a  review article from the New England Journal of Medicine — spurred us to revisit the question of the necessity of cow’s milk.

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