Six tips to help your patients prevent cervical cancer

Posted by Kristin Wissler on January 30, 2020

Although January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, knowing how to prevent cervical cancer is important all year long. It’s especially important now, when the national rate of cervical cancer is going down, but certain socioeconomic groups are seeing more cases than ever. Learn how this disparity is caused and how you and your patients can prevent cervical cancer.

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The damage of the opioid crisis and how it's being addressed

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on January 28, 2020

Massachusetts has been hit hard by the national opioid crisis with the ninth highest rate of opioid deaths in 2017, according to the CDC.  The opioid crisis has killed over 2,000 people in Massachusetts each year for the past three years on record, peaking in 2016. As a result, Massachusetts organizations like Greater Lawrence Family Health Center (GLFHC) are looking at innovative ways to help those struggling with addiction.

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How to lessen the impact of seasonal affective disorder in the workplace

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on January 23, 2020

Today's post is from our broker blog, AllWays Insider. We're sharing their timely information on what seasonal affective disorder is and how employers can support their employees through it.

Monday, January 20 was "Blue Monday," known as the gloomiest day of the year thanks to post-Christmas blues, unpaid credit card bills, and most of all, dark, cold weather. While there is the occasional exception (like Boston’s recent record-breaking 74-degree day), the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere are typically full of cold weather, short days, and little sunlight. These three factors can contribute to sadness, decreased energy, and stress, and even lead to a form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

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5 tips for regaining focus at work after the holidays

Posted by Kristin Wissler on January 02, 2020

Now that the holidays are over and it’s time to go back to work, you may be finding it difficult to get back into routine. After spending a week or two having fun on vacation or relaxing with your family, it’s common to get the post-vacation blues at the prospect of going back to work. How do you overcome the doldrums and transition back to ordinary life? Forbes offers five tips to help you shake off your holiday jetlag and get back into the swing of things.

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Happy Holidays from AllWays Health Partners!

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on December 24, 2019

Happy holidays to all of our providers! 

Our offices will be closed on December 25 and January 1. On these days, you can continue to file claims, verify patient eligibility, and more using our provider portal.

The next Best Practice blog post will go up on Thursday, January 2. Be on the lookout for content like our year-end review, tips on fighting the post-holiday blues, a Q&A with one of our recently-awarded employees, and much more!

Enjoy your holiday, and we'll see you in 2020!

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